April 30, 2011

Exciting news

Okay Friends!  Jobs are starting to line up and pay off - I think by next weekend, I am going to have quite a list of jobs for you.  All for fun.  All don't pay much, but, I'm having fun with the effort being put in. 
ALSO, as one of my "odd jobs" I sell Tastefully Simple products.  The Frugal Invitation (http://www.frugalinvitation.com/) is turning 1 in May and I am offering up a freebie giveaway!  This is one way for me to hopefully attract more followers and help more Mommas out! 
I hope that you're all have a fantastic weekend and I can't wait to have a full report for you soon!

April 28, 2011

Facebook Help!

Hello Friends - I'm trying to work on a Facebook page as well and was hoping you can help me out.  Could you please "like" me and hopefully I'll be able to do a lot more work to the page.  If I have 25 likes, I get to keep the name!  Help Me Please!!


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The button wasn't working for this one, so, please just follow the link for the IT'S ALMOST FRIDAY BLOG HOP!

ALSO, I found out yesterday afternoon that today was "Take your child to work" day. So, after my husband denied the big little, I decided that he should see that mommy actually does do things other than play on the computer and hug his little brother all day. We'll see how this goes! He's already learned the words "blogging" and "networking". There will be a quiz at the end!

April 26, 2011

Jobby Job Listings

Okay - so there's quite a few things out there that I've been up to lately. Some of them may be for you. Others may not.
Let me start by say, I made $10 on gigcoin last week and got paid already in my paypal account. If you haven't signed up for this one yet, get on it. It was a 10 minute survey.
Okay, so, I'm getting a little better with my cakes too. I've added 2 more to the mix and got paid even more! Look about 3 posts down if you're interested in seeing them. This is turning into a serious passion and I have more orders for June. I'm going to make one for my religion class this Thursday too so I can promote a cross cake pan that I have to do communions/confirmations and baptisms. Cakes = fun :)
I teach piano. 2 afternoons each week, kids, teens, and adults come over to learn piano. I am rather on the inexpensive side just because my children are home during most lessons so, there is no reason for my prices to go up. I charge $20/half hour and the more siblings, the more of a discount I give. I've been playing since the 2nd grade and coming up on 20 years of teaching. I think I found my calling there.
With teaching piano comes another benefit while living in NY. New York has an annual music festival where children in each school district prepare a piece of music, get judged on it and then get a medal for their performance. It's called NYSSMA. You may have something similar to in your state as well. So, atleast once a year, I get called to judge for a day (I'm a substitue as I am not a "certified" teacher - I don't have a college degree - just lots and lots of experience) The gig pays well and it's usually around my birthday, so, i get to treat myself to something nice.
What kind of talent do you have that you can share? All you need is 1 student to start word of mouth! Music, art, sewing, woodworking, etc. Anything is possible if there is enough patience to teach it!
Now, onto Direct Selling. I have a Tastefully Simple business and now, as of my last post, I am also a Mary Kay consultant. Let's start with Tastefully Simple - I LOVE FOOD. I am a foodie. That's how I got into this business. I was invited to this taste testing party for the first time and was completely taken aback by the quality of food! The prices were pretty good and it was all stuff that I knew that I would use - I still do - coming up on 4 years now. That's key. If you're going to get involved in something to sell, make sure you like the stuff. I could never be a Tupperware lady or Party Lite consultant because those just aren't for me. But, I have friends that sell the stuff like crazy and that's awesome for them. When I need something, I know I have them. And, vice versa for them as well. We're there for each other. We occasionally do craft fairs together too so we get some direct selling. I'm giving up on those though because I don't want to have stock on hand anymore. If I don't sell, the food goes bad and then I'm out the money. That's the downside of a food business. So, it took me a while to learn, but, now I don't keep stock. Quarterly sales must reach $400 retail. You can usually do that in 1 party. I am not a sales person. I'm not a recruiter. Other people are great at that. I'm there to get out of my house and have fun and talk about different ways to cook with what we have!
Alright then, next post I will continue on with more options!

Another New Venture

Hello Friends! May I introduce myself as your newest Mary Kay Consultant?
I just signed up yesterday.
I have been a fan of their products for some time. I don't go crazy with it, but, I certainly use enough of the products. Well, as I was sitting yesterday with my girlfriend and racking up a bill over $100 (WTH??) I asked her what her compensation was for sales. (Being in Tastefully Simple, I'm already aware of most of the direct seller perks). This worked out perfectly for me. All you need is $200 in retail sales for the YEAR! Tastefully Simple has us doing $400 per quarter. That $200 I honestly could spend on myself, but, then I would have 50% off of that. SO, now, I've bought my year supply of moisturizers and anti-"Iyellatmykidstoomuch"wrinkle cream, took care of my annual sales, and got it all for 50% off. Sounds like a deal to me.
So, I paid $50 up front. I am getting almost the entire line of the products that I use and a bunch of samples for that $50. If people want a party I'll do it, but, I'm not promoting it. It's totally for me.
My next post will be a listing of the stuff that I'm doing. Another girlfriend of mine was boggle eyed at me when I told her what I was up to last week and I explained to her that I'm able to do all of this because nothing is full time. It's a few hours here and there.
When you find what you love, you find those few hours!
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