April 23, 2011

Hippity Hopping Weekend!

Free Hot Samples

April 22, 2011


I have been using this website for quite a while now and it comes and it goes in waves for me.  There are some days that I can sit with my laptop and do tons of these tasks and then there could be months that go by that I don't do any.  It doesn't matter.  Some tasks pay pennies at a time, but, are quick and easy.  You can set yourself to qualify for other tasks that sometimes pay dollars.  I have over $20 sitting in my Amazon account now that I keep adding to little bits at a time with these tasks.  A lot of other survey sites let you cash in your points for Amazon gift cards.  I am a HUGE amazon shopper, so, this is very convenient for me.  Give it a try. 

April 21, 2011

New Cakes!

I had SO much fun doing these.  Kind of why I haven't been around lately.  Visitors, caking, birthday-ing, etc., have kept me so busy lately.  Trying to catch up with it all.  Hopefully after Easter weekend, things will slow down and I can respond to all the lovely ladies that have started following me!
Here's the new cakes that I did this past week!

Gig Coin - Sign Up!!

I just made the easiest $10 on a survey at gig coin.  I've been a member for several weeks.  I applied for a survey and was selected.  5 minutes and 20 questions later, I have $10.  This isn't a link that you can sign up for and I would get credit.  This is just for you!  http://www.gigcoin.com/

So, it's not regular surveys, but, you can still pick and choose from what's available and hopefully get picked.
I'm heading out on a mystery shop in the morning.  Can't wait to tell you abou that one!
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