April 9, 2011


Okay everyone likes taking surveys. Well, atleast I do, and that means in my brain, everyone should like what I like. So this seemed like a pretty easy step to get started.
So, I've put together a few sites that are fun and worth the time. Some have cash rewards if you qualify. Others accumulate points. Either way, these are the real deal sites. What I have done is made a seperate folder in my favorites listing in my bookmarks. I have a seperate hotmail email specifically for signing up for these. That way, I can check my email 2 times a day and just run through the emails that I get. Atleast half the time, you don't qualify but you receive some form of points just for signing in.
This survey system is recommended by many bloggers and is based on a points system. Cash payment starts at 5000 points - I've only taken a handful of surveys and I'm at 2300 points so far. I still have 2 more surveys waiting for me to get to.
American Consumer Opinion is a cash survey site. I've been a member here for years actually. Cash out at $10. Sometimes you get a lot of surveys, sometimes it's slow.
Another tried and true site - www.I-say.com
This one also based on a point scale.
http://www.expooutlookpanel.com and expo tv (see post below) - expo tv is product reviews (new and old) that are mostly videos. Expo Outlook Panel is a survey spinoff of ExpoTV.

Okay, so this is all I have the time to list today. More to come in the coming days. Sadly, I must drive my mother to the airport now.



Check out this website for reviewing products. I'm having fun with this one- points based and freebies if you are included in a trial.
There is a TRYOLOGY program and you would make a short video review - if you have a webcam, this is a quick and painless process (put on a little mascara if you must)
Reaed over the website - I think you'll like what you find. I know I did!

April 8, 2011

Hungry - follow this link!

Haute Mom is responsible for this evil.
Muah ahh ahhh hahahhahahhaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

April 5, 2011

Good Tuesday to You!

Hey there friends! Just wanted to let you know that my momma is here visitng for a few days, hence the lack of posts. I do, however, have a lot of pages bookmarked to add here and there's going to be a lot of them to check out! I'm very excited to get started sharing with you.

AND PLEASE, I HAVEN'T FOLLOWED BACK IN A FEW DAYS JUST BECAUSE LACK OF TIME. When momma goes home, I'll be signing in to all of your wonderful blogs! I love reading what everyone has on their minds!
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