May 28, 2011

With a little help from our friends!!

I have been receiving such wonderful responses in my cries for help!  I'm going start this weekend by spotlighting the wonderful responses that I have received so far.  Please visit my friends at the provided links so you can see what they are up to and get a feel for what they do!
Let's start with mrsmomx6.  She's an odd job momma who wanted to share a few things with you!
"I've been a SAHM for 6 years now and I have been doing survey's on line the entire time. Make some money, earn some points, test some products.
I mystery shopped for years but quit 3 years ago when they shops began demanding more and more that I shop alone, which is IMPOSSIBLE. But I've kept the list with a lot of the company names along with the list for the survey companies.
I put out the word through my neighbors and my kids friends that I babysit, so I can pick up $40-$100/week watching a kid here or there for an hour or so. Depends on the week. I never take on more than a few kids.
One friend does house cleaning on the side, another one sews, one sets up blogs for others."
Thank you Mrs. Mom - We're going to revisit you as well with some follow ups on the sites that you use!

Marlee isn't a SAHM - she's got a super fun job as an ICE CREAM TRUCKER!!  Here's her post:
"Hey! I'm not a mom yet, but me and my mom have our own business...we own our own ice cream truck! We built it ourselves (or you can usually buy one). You need a business license and a food purveyor's license (neither are very expensive) and when you go to get licensed they will usually come by and inspect your truck (to make sure the blinker's, lights, etc are working).

It's a fantastic job for the summer (or anywhere pretty warm). In a decently small town we easily made $100-$200/day (profit), and in the bigger town we live in now we usually make $200-$300/day (profit). We usually take 30% of whatever we take in for the day and save it for business costs (buying ice cream, truck repairs).

It's a bit of a tough job though, so if you want something more along the lines of a relaxing desk job, this might not be for you. The hotter the day is typically the more you sell. So 100 degree days where you want to stay inside isn't really an option. There's no doors on ours (way too annoying to open and close every few minutes) so there's no air conditioning or anything. We typically run it from about 11:30 in the morning till sundown (roughly 9:00 at night), so the days get pretty long. You're also going about 2 mph driving down the EXACT same streets you've been driving down all summer, so that can get a little bit old too. The music can also get on your nerves, as there's basically nothing you can do to tone it out.

It's worth it though (for both the money and the memories of seeing the kids so happy). My last blog post was actually about the truck, so if you want to check it out it's at: "

Sounds like a great family business to be in!

Here's Kerry from SEW PIZZAZED - (If I had a little girl, I would be going NUTS on this website!)
"To stay at home with my two boys, my husband and I started an online store a year ago. It is slow going, but lots of fun. I have learned to sew and embroider and really love what I do.

Margot has a great post:
"Wendie, between gardeing, travel, and enjoying my grandkids, I write children's books - 11 published so far. If you would like to learn more about them and me go to Margot's Magic Carpet: I also run a Manuscript Critique Service, with clients that from all over the globe. I do it all from my writing lair at home. Margot Finke

Gina from Totally Full Of It:
"Well, I wish that I had the money to buy a bunch of equipment and start my own video editing business - I absolutely love making digital memories for major milestones. However, dog walking isn't a bad way to earn a little extra cash in the warm weather!
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