April 9, 2011


Okay everyone likes taking surveys. Well, atleast I do, and that means in my brain, everyone should like what I like. So this seemed like a pretty easy step to get started.
So, I've put together a few sites that are fun and worth the time. Some have cash rewards if you qualify. Others accumulate points. Either way, these are the real deal sites. What I have done is made a seperate folder in my favorites listing in my bookmarks. I have a seperate hotmail email specifically for signing up for these. That way, I can check my email 2 times a day and just run through the emails that I get. Atleast half the time, you don't qualify but you receive some form of points just for signing in.
This survey system is recommended by many bloggers and is based on a points system. Cash payment starts at 5000 points - I've only taken a handful of surveys and I'm at 2300 points so far. I still have 2 more surveys waiting for me to get to.
American Consumer Opinion is a cash survey site. I've been a member here for years actually. Cash out at $10. Sometimes you get a lot of surveys, sometimes it's slow.
Another tried and true site - www.I-say.com
This one also based on a point scale.
http://www.expooutlookpanel.com and expo tv (see post below) - expo tv is product reviews (new and old) that are mostly videos. Expo Outlook Panel is a survey spinoff of ExpoTV.

Okay, so this is all I have the time to list today. More to come in the coming days. Sadly, I must drive my mother to the airport now.

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