April 26, 2011

Another New Venture

Hello Friends! May I introduce myself as your newest Mary Kay Consultant?
I just signed up yesterday.
I have been a fan of their products for some time. I don't go crazy with it, but, I certainly use enough of the products. Well, as I was sitting yesterday with my girlfriend and racking up a bill over $100 (WTH??) I asked her what her compensation was for sales. (Being in Tastefully Simple, I'm already aware of most of the direct seller perks). This worked out perfectly for me. All you need is $200 in retail sales for the YEAR! Tastefully Simple has us doing $400 per quarter. That $200 I honestly could spend on myself, but, then I would have 50% off of that. SO, now, I've bought my year supply of moisturizers and anti-"Iyellatmykidstoomuch"wrinkle cream, took care of my annual sales, and got it all for 50% off. Sounds like a deal to me.
So, I paid $50 up front. I am getting almost the entire line of the products that I use and a bunch of samples for that $50. If people want a party I'll do it, but, I'm not promoting it. It's totally for me.
My next post will be a listing of the stuff that I'm doing. Another girlfriend of mine was boggle eyed at me when I told her what I was up to last week and I explained to her that I'm able to do all of this because nothing is full time. It's a few hours here and there.
When you find what you love, you find those few hours!

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