July 28, 2011

Interview with Nicole Searfoss

What is your name?  Nicole Searfoss

What is your company name, website, FB page name, twitter name and anything else you use?
My company name is "Indulgent Aromas", but I am an Independent Distributor for Scent-Sations, Inc.  My website/blog is http://www.indulgentaromas.com/.  It is a personal website where you can meet and learn about me personally with my company info available on the side/top.  My facebook pg is www.facebook.com/nsearfoss and I don't use twitter.  My company website is http://www.indulgentaromas.scent-team.com/, but you can access the same info on my personal website.

Are you a SAHM?  Tell us about you (mini-bio!)
I am a SAHM of 4 girls and wife to my high school sweetheart since January '99.  I also babysit other children most days of the week and in the fall I will most likely be homeschooling my 9yo and 5yo.

How did you find yourself getting started with your business/venture?
I was working part time when I had my 3rd daughter and I was heartbroken to have to go back to work.  I started researching companies online that would allow me to work from home.  I found Scent-Sations, Inc and was impressed with their products, flexibility, and compensation plan. 

I was with them for a few years and made a little money, but didn't have much contact with my sponsor so I eventually quit.....much to the dismay of my hubby.  He saw the potential in the product/company. 

About a year later, we were looking for a way for me to earn money while being home and I was lead back to Scent-Sations, Inc.  I signed up under a new sponsor and she's been a complete and total blessing to me.  I believe that God put her in my life at the perfect time and she has helped me tremendously to make this venture successful. 

How did you go about seeking your information?
I used a search engine both times. 

Do you have a mentor?  Would you consider mentoring someone who wanted to start a similar business?
I do have a wonderful mentor.  She is an amazing woman.  We have many of the same interests and she is committed to helping me whenever I need it. 

I would, and do, mentor anyone who signed up 'with me' and Scent-Sations, Inc.  I have women that I am helping now.  I love having the opportunity to make money to help my family while being home with them and also being able to offer that opportunity to other women (or men).
What mistakes did you endure to figure out the right path?
I am still learning, but I have come a LONG way.  I had NO idea how to navigate the internet or build a website, or get my website noticed, etc. 

Moments of brilliance?
I don't know if I've had any of those...LOL...but I have had several compliments on my website.  I even had a local lady want me to help her build hers....too funny for someone that only knew how to check email and do a basic search a few months ago. 

Advice to others that are considering an online business?
There is a lot of money to be made in this sort of business.  There is a lot of ways to make money.  You WILL have to do work, however.  This isn't a 'get rich quick' opportunity.  It takes time and patience but it will happen if you put in the work.  You can work this around your family and make your own schedule, but it won't happen by itself.  It's no different than any other job, you have to put some time in.  The difference is that you can put the time in when it's convenient for your family.

How do you balance mommyhood and online work?
I spend a lot of time working this before my children get up or while they are napping or in bed for the night. 
Are there any aspects of your business that aren’t covered here that you want to share?

This is a fairly new company that offers all natural wax gourmet candles, mineral makeup, and the newest in anti-aging products.  The products are USA made.  The company is 100% debt free.  There are not a ton of distributors, yet, so a lot of people don't know what a Mia Bella candle is.  They burn virtually soot free so they are great for people with allergies. They are hand poured and made with renewable resources. 

What else can you share with us?
There are several items that I offer including the candles, melters/melts, specialty candles, mineral makeup/brushes, body products, and Dermal Renu anti-aging products (including sunscreen).  The products basically sell themselves.  You can make money by retailing, fundraising, residual, or any combination of the three.  This is an awesome company to work with.  You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.  Click on the 'business opportunity' tab on my site/blog for more information.

Nicole Searfoss ~ Owner, Indulgent Aromas
Offering all natural, gourmet candles, mineral makeup, and anti aging products

Check out my AWESOME products, home biz opportunity,
and blog at http://www.indulgentaromas.com/

Enter to win a FREE candle at:  http://www.freeyummycandle.com/

Contact me @ 989-426-2505

"Great minds must be ready not only to take opportunities, but to make them." –-Colton

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Kathy said...

Wendie great interview!!! How great for Nicole that she found something that she loves to sell!! I would imagine that is the key in any job! Sounds like a great product! I wish her much success!! I love this series Wendie, it's a great idea and very empowering for women who are interested in exploring at home employment!!! Yay for you!!!! Much love!!

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