July 26, 2011

Careers for Moms - ad

The top 10 jobs for moms who need a career that can fit their lifestyle (infographic) >> http://lx.im/1dVO0?v=AcnyY75ZLQSHVesBUqAfeQHNzq1Qn24KAjHS9icFRa8


Arizona Girls said...

Very interesting! =) I just don't have any degrees but at the same time some of it is similiar to what we already do as moms and wives =)

I few years ago played with website desing and graphics. I really did like what I was learning all self taught but then I quit and now it's like starting all over. Although I wasn't interested in link backs, and ranking and all the stuff I'm trying to figure out now =/ I was just doing it for something I was enjoying =)

Have a great night! =) I'd +1 but I don't see it.....I'll look again though =)

Arizona Girls blog

Mama said...

Found your blog off of VoiceBoks! Now your newest follower! Would love if your drop by my blog and follow! :D

Kim said...

HI there,
I love your blog, I love hearing that there are options for us SAHMs....I'm a new follower from vB. Check out my blog if you have the chance!

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