July 13, 2011

Interview with Kirsten Cisco of Kirstie's Bowtique!

What is your name?  Kirsten Cisco

What is your company name, website, FB page name, twitter name and anything else you use?Kirsties Bowtique - http://www.kirstiesbowtique.com/ ~ Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/Kirsties_life ~

Kirsties Bowtique Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kirsties-Bowtique/212110875471242

I also blog at The EMT Mommy - http://www.theemtmommy.com/

Are you a SAHM?  Tell us about you (mini-bio!)
I am not a full time SAHM! I work two day's a week as a Unit Secretary and I also volunteer as an EMT for my local ambulance corp. I have three children ages 17, 12 and 10. I live on Long Island and my hear belongs to my best friend who I meet on the ambulance. (He is a Paramedic ) I am in school to become a Drug and Alcohol Counselor. My hobby and small business is creating hair bows & other hair accessories.

How did you find yourself getting started with your business/venture?
A few years ago I started collecting ribbon. I had never ending bins of ribbon. I would use it for my youngest daughter's hair. Just the basic .. I would tie it to her pony tails or pig tails just like my mom did to my hair when I was young. Then I started buying these hair bows from the store and pull them apart to see how they were made. I then soon started trying to make my own. I also would look up how to make certain bows, learn the names and started buying more and more ribbon as well as other materials to make all sorts of different ribbon. People would comment on my youngest daughter's hair and would ask where I bought the bows. Then I decided he why not start to sell them... and from there this is how I started my own hair bow business.

How did you go about seeking your information?I would research a lot. Google is my best friend ! As well as Social networks. My Favorite would be Voiceboks.Com (and no she did not pay me to say it ..lol )

Do you have a mentor?  Would you consider mentoring someone who wanted to start a similar business?
Yes I do have one.. she is a new mentor but she is differently someone I plan to "lean" on to help me get through all this. As far as ME wanting to be one for someone, Not sure to be honest with you. Not that I do not want to help others.. I love helping though I am still trying my self to get my business off the ground and learn the ins and outs I would hate to lead someone else in the wrong direction.

What mistakes did you endure to figure out the right path?PLENTY! Trial and Error is the key! I look at my hair bows I made years ago or even 9 months ago, and I look at my styles now ..and they are so much different, some of them I would even turn to my self and say "What the heck is this?" .. lol

Moments of brilliance?
OH Moments of Brilliance .. when I take apart those cheap hair bows that I find at stores and then create my own with a unique twist to it !

Advice to others that are considering an online business?
Keep working hard at it, business do not happen over night,
I was also told once that most online business take a few years before they start making money!

How do you balance mommyhood and online work?
I try! It's not always easy but I do my best. My kids are older and kind of do their own thing most of the time. Though most of my online work is late at night when they are sleeping.

Are there any aspects of your business that aren’t covered here that you want to share?I am working on thinking "Out side the ribbon" ( name given by my mentor )

What else can you share with us? All my work is more or less custom made. I may not have every color in stock of hair accessories already made. Though if you contact me in regards to a certain design but different color's I would be more then happy to create it for you. Most my orders are custom made to the customers taste.

*Custom Hair Bows, Clips and other unique accessories
**Pet Bows Coming Soon **

Read about an EMT who is also a mommy of three .. her crazy life,
what she goes through and how she handles life in general!


Kathy said...

I think it is so cool how the business just came organically from something that you already liked and collected. I love that! I have a daughter who loves hair things so I will definetly plan to check you out as we get closer to the shcool year!! Great interview Wendie, I love what you are doing bring women together and helping us to empower each other!! Just great!! How nice to have two of my favorite VoiceBoks ladies in the same place!

Healthier And Wealthier said...

Great interview! Good idea. WHEN I ever have little girls in my life, I'll know where to get bows. Kirsten, keep your business in front of us. Don't let it get on the our back burner...even if it has to get on yours sometime. Out of sight is out of mind.
Sandra from VB

Kirsten said...

Yippiieeee I am online at Odd Jobs Momma !! How awesome is that !! ?? !!

Thank you ladies for your wonderful and supportive comments .. I am trying really hard.

HUGS to you !!!


Spilled Milkshake said...

What a great interview! It's so neat to be able to know the background of the people who are making their businesses work. I wish you the best of luck and will do whatever I can to promote your shop =)

TyKes Mom said...

I really enjoyed reading this interview! I love getting behind-the-scenes tidbits!

About A Mom said...

Hi! Thanks for the Voiceboks friend request! Just checking out your great blog and now following via GFC! Please stop by http://aboutamom.com to say hi!

Laura said...

You know, the patience it must take for an online business has to be incredible! I don't know if I could do it! There are some interesting tips in here! :-)

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