June 12, 2011

Notice anything different??

It's still me!  Just a whole new look!  I'll have lots of brand new posts this week to celebrate my redesign!


Kathy said...

Congratulations Wendi it looks great!!! How exciting for you!!! Yay!!

GJT said...

Looks great Wendi! You need to have a redesign party!

Gina from vB

jbplbarbara said...

This looks awesome, love the new look. I see you've been busy redecorating :)
have a Great awesOme Day!!!

medtopicwriter.com said...

I LOVE the new look. Did you do this all yourself? It's so cute and the icons are adorable. I love the title font and colors too. My med blog has to stay so boring because of its link to physicians, etc. I can't wait until my writing blog is ready so I can add a little spice and fun to it.

Samantha vB

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