June 25, 2011

Making decisions

So for months now I have been trying out all sorts of odd jobs, sometimes feeling completely overwhelmed!!  I have done several mystery shops.  Mystery shopping can truly range in difficulty.  Some companies have simple forms to fill out with minimal written requirements.  Other companies are exceptionally detail oriented.  All that I have dealt with have paid me though.  I have received payments through paypal and checks in the mail that have cleared.  So, here's the few that I have been working with.  Not a bad gig, but choose wisely.  Some shops do not let you bring children, some have age requirements to bring children.  For the few extra dollars that you get, weigh your time!  What's the reimbursement for the amount of time that you spent shopping and filling out the paper work? 

Market Force -

Best Mark -

Customer Perspectives -

Insula Research -

Second To None -

Premier Service -

So, check them out.  The worst that can happen is you don't like what they have to offer!  Personally, in the past month, not including reimbursements for purchases, I have made just over $100.  These were shops that I did in May and got paid this month.  Payments ranged from $7 - $20 per shop. 
Hope this helps a little!


Kathy said...

Wendie, I think this is such a great idea for a site, there are so many "offers" clogging the web with work at home offers, I think it's great that you give an honest, first person account of the diffrent ways to make money! By the way, your cakes are really beautiful, I loved the cowboy hat and the little mermaid cake, really great!! (On your facebook page) Thanks for another great post!!

Visiting from VoiceBoks!

Not Your Ordinary Agent said...

Wendie, this is great! Thank you for giving us this info!!
http://homesandbabies.blogspot.com Becky from VB

Syed Store said...

Hi Wendie, your blog is a wonderful work.
I am Bushra Syed from voiceboks:
Let's follow each other and stay connected forever.

Kirsten said...

I found your site via VoiceBoks.Com Love the site. I will be spending some time on here !

Thank you

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