June 2, 2011

Junk Email Accounts

Here's something that I highly recommend - using a "junk" email account.  I actually have several.  Hotmail and Gmail offer free accounts as well as Email.com
If you're starting to look for online or telecommunting jobs or starting an at-home business, this is crucial.  For everyone to contact me, I have my gmail account.  This is my professional account.  I apply to different sites for jobs that I want to test for you.  It makes me look a little more serious about what I'm doing.
When I sign up for survey sites, I use hotmail accounts.  You can have several.  I actually have seperate accounts for different things.  Surveys I send to one account.  Email updates/blogs/notifications go to another.  I can divide my time that way as well. 
I start my day checking all  my email to make sure that there aren't any urgent emails that need to be answered.  Then I work throughout the day tackling each account.  In between is when I take care of the kids, laundry, house hold duties and the like.  I like to save surveys for the end of the day.  Sitting with my laptop, curled up on the couch and just clicking away. 
Have questions and blogger isn't allowing you to leave me a comment?  Contact me - wendie.rodgers@gmail.com!  You'll definately get me there - that's my professional account!


Becky Jane said...

I've noticed some desperate calls for help on voiceBoks Blogger Group about not being able to leave blogger comments...
New Follower from vB! Hope you can stop by for a visit.
Thanks, Becky Jane

Nena said...

I also have a couple of different accounts for different things. Some of them I don't even check on a regular basis b/c they are nothing but junk
Great idea. Your blog is so fun.

Kathy said...

Thanks for a great idea! I could see how it could be very helpful, even just to use a seprate one for my blogging stuff as opposed to one I use for the kids. Thanks!! Have a great weekend!

Melanie said...

Very good idea! My email is getting flooded with surveys and some of them, I don't like and so I want to skip them or their surveys are longer so I put them off. Then my email is full of stuff and I can't get rid of it. I'll have to start working on that. Thank you for the great advice!

Lisa Ladrido said...

My email is bombarded daily too! Thanks for sharing! Visiting from VoiceBoks!~Lisa
I am all a twitter about life
Find Me on Twitter

GJT said...

This is a great idea. I might use this for job applications as well. Following from vB!

jbplbarbara said...

I get so much email that yes, I do have multiple accounts. It does help to filter some those emails. Who has time to read so much when you can read interesting blog posts out there.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Not Your Ordinary Agent said...

I have multiple accounts too. My yahoo account got a virus, so I cancelled it. Thankfully I had many more accounts to refer clients to. Great advice! http://homesandbabies.blogspot.com

S. Greiner said...

Great tip! I actually just started doing this when I have to register for "free" stuff!!! Thanks for sharing!

I'm stopping by from voiceBoks and just sayin' hi! Feel free to drop by www.alwaysjustamom.blogspot.com

Gifts By Katherine said...

Great idea!Hopping over from VB. Hugs and have a great week!

Lolo said...

Yeap! I´ve had several email accconts for about 10 years now... It´s the only way I can be organized and tackle everything ; )
Your friend from VoiceBoks


medtopicwriter.com said...

I highly recommend this as well. I've had a junk email account for several years and it's not that everything that goes there is junk, it's just that a lot of it is! I use it for certain things where I'm not sure of the offer or the person to whom I'm giving an email address.

I use my All Media Freelance email for my work and some other things (like vB connections), but my junk email is for anything else. We do have a personal email account for school, my hubby, kids business, etc.

Samantha from vB

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