May 16, 2011

Cake website and ideas for you!

If you look at any of my older posts, one of my "jobs" - which I don't like to think of as a job because it is something that I LOVE - is making cakes.  I've decided to make a business of it.  It's called Key Signature Cakes - A Melody of Cakes by Design.  I'm a piano teacher (another "job") as well and it was one of my students that came up with the name.  Learning a song with a key signature instead of constantly writing in the sharp or flat sign was the homework assignment for the week.  Then she and her mom came up with the title and it was a clear winner!
Back to the idea of the post.  I went on a google search for free website design.  I came across  It was amazingly easy to make a website for myself to promote my new business adventure.  Check it out at  I am using the basic design package right now which is free.  I'm posting anywhere that I can and asking local friend to post on facebook as well.  That's all free promoting.
What is your "job"?  There's always a way to get yourself heard.  Have you tried That's a wonderful site to promote yourself and what you do - when you have a product to sell.  Is there a craft that you love?  Do you have an idea to promote?  Take the time for yourself to market yourself.  There are thousands of free resources out there.  You can get your name heard anywhere. 
I have entered several blog giveaways.  I'm in the process of getting Odd Jobs Momma a whole new, more professional design.  I got it done on the cheap because I was blog hopping and found a website that I loved to read ( Her web designer offered a discount for her readers.  What a wonderful way to get this done.  I can't wait for the redesign to be complete.  Then I won a blog makeover through and!  So, I'm getting my personal blog a makeover as well.  ENTER THOSE GIVEAWAYS - it's like what the lotto says - you've got to be in it to win it!
I also got involved in another website  This is a wonderful resource for all bloggers - a great community that really promotes helping each other's blogs out.  We all spend time checking out each others blogs and Lexie Lane (one of the administrators) is virtually "holding my hand"  and guiding me to a better blog! (You should also get involved in their year long blog hop!!

I hope this gets your brain spinning a bit.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions or have more advice!


Lisa Ladrido said...

Love your cake website, congratulations on doing something you love!

Following you from VoiceBoks!~Lisa
I am all a twitter about life

Kelly L said...

Hi! This is Kelly from I've Become My Mother and a proud member of Voice Boks. I am visiting you today to ask for your help in saving the life of a child... We as writers/bloggers are excellent at getting the word out on so many different issues and topics... We love to write and we have a passion to share the world with others... What I am asking is this - Please visit my site and link up to today's post - the link is below. Please post the post on your Facebook. We need to get word out about bone marrow donations... You and others can get tested simply by ordering your free kit and swabbing your mouth - it's that easy to save a life... Please join me to save Haley and others who need our help.. Thank you and God Bless!

Be A Donor Save A Life Urgent Request said...

That is an awesome idea! ...and congratulations for finding your passion. I'd love to have a cake designed to celebrate All Media Freelance, LLC, my copywriting business.

Samantha from vB

Renee the In-Law said...

Wow! As if I didn't have enough to do... now I have to check out all your cool links to help me become a better blogger. Go Cake BossLady! :)

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