May 9, 2011

Another penny makes a few dollars!

This is another one that I do for fun with my twitter account.  I always tease that my twitter is my cyber celebrity stalking account but lately, I have followers!  How cool is that??  SO, this is really a site that you choose which links you want to broadcast with either your twitter or facebook account.  First, when you click on the link, you get paid for that.  THEN, after it's posted, anyone else that clicks on it, you get paid for that too!  I'm just shy of $10 in 6 weeks!  This also goes to my paypal account and they pay weekly.  Have fun - start planning that final mani/pedi before school lets out!

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Christin said...

I do a few of the survey sites but haven't tried this. Will they pay after you've made a certain amount or any amount at all?

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