March 31, 2011

"deal"icious mom is responsible for most of this awesome post!

A HUGE thank you to "deal'icious Mom for this listing.  This is the type of stuff that I am constantly on the lookout for.  If you decide to follow her, please let her know that I sent you her way!  I've already signed on to several of these before finding her list, and there aren't any that I won't sign up for or atleast tell my friends about (including you!!)
Freebies are freebies and we'll take 'em where we can get them, right??
Hoping to post a couple more today that I've been working on. 

Just thought that I'd also share with you how excited I am that I received a cake order after my cake post.  I'm making a "Pink Poodle in Paris" cake!  I can't wait.  This is for a special little girl that wants to have "gifts" as cakes in the matching colors and then we'll put the premade cake toppers on.  I've recently learned how to make fondant ribbons so I'm really looking forward to the fun that I'm going to have with that one!

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